This package solution of classical passenger transportation with a vehicle of your choice offers you all of its possible facets – for private as well as for business purposes.
In this product segment you can make your choice among a simple transfer up to a tightly organized travel concept:



A very special importance within our product range belongs to the segment of our Event Support, which means more than just transport handling during an event.

We consider our task here as a full service-package, which guarantees you our full assistance in each phase of your event regardless of which size.

No matter whether it’s a cultural, a sports or a business event – whether with our or with sponsored vehicles – in each case all drivers will be chosen with greatest care for such responsible task. Especially at decision-making process regarding the organization and coordination of the shuttle-service up to an individual assistance for event participants –

You can draw from a rich pool of our experiences and skills.



Who else, if not a woman is sensitive enough to guess straightaway the desires, preferences and expectations of a woman and share her emotions. In the course of our continuous improvement we identified the needs of female customers - especially nowadays, where the world grows smaller and becoming more colorful and complex at the same time, with regard to transcultural movements and empowerment of woman in our society.

So considering the diversity of ethnical, religious or any other social background we offer our female guests with “Woman for Woman” the exclusive opportunity to be served by a female driver with all special characteristics you would need.

In case you would need an extraordinary standard of security, so we could engage for you a professional female bodyguard.